About Crowdsourced Security

Ultimate penetration testing tool for businesses.

Finding vulnerabilities: business vs hackers

In computing, a vulnerability represents a flaw of systems that allows hackers to penetrate illegally into a system and cause damage to the system itself. For enhancing cyber-security in a business, IT teams need to be faster than hackers in finding and fixing those vulnerabilities.


IT team



Purpose Protect systems Break systems
To-do Find vulnerabilities Find vulnerabilities
Number of vulnerabilities needed
Number of vulnerabilities needed As many as possible Only 1
Number of team members
Number of team members 1-4 Uncountable

In regard to protect a system, an IT team, usually consist of 1-4 members, needs to find all the vulnerabilities existed in the system. Hackers, by contrast, can cause heavy damage to the system by exploiting only one critical vulnerability.

Crowdsourced Security: An ultimate security weapon for business

Crowdsourced Security is a hacker-powered cyber-security solution that enables an unlimited number of researchers (incl. White-hat hackers, pen-testers, security researchers) to secure the system by pen-testing it.


Crowdsourced Security

In fact, a company can boost cyber-security over hackers by having 10, 100, 1000 or more researchers finding for system’s vulnerabilities.

[Ebook] Why Crowdsourced Security?

Bug Bounty program

The key to success in Crowdsourced Security is to attract as many researchers as possible. The best way to do it is announcing a Bug Bounty program.

What is it? It is a program where companies reward bounty to researchers who found severe vulnerabilities in certain systems.

Bug Bounty programs give companies full control on budget, attack surface, reward prices for each vulnerability, etc.


Enterprises announce the Bug bounty program, including scope and bonus levels for each type of vulnerability.

Find vulnerabilities

Researchers look for vulnerabilities and report to businesses.


Enterprises assess the validity and severity of the vulnerability.

Fix & award

Enterprises fix vulnerabilities, re-test and pay bonuses to experts.

What do we offer?

Max performance

Take advantage of 500 security researchers on WhiteHub Crowdsourced platform

Save time

Host a bug bounty program and choose best-fit researchers at ease!

Seamless workflow

Get your app secured even under construction/updates.

Support 24/7

Experience top-notch services by WhiteHub team & researchers.

About WhiteHub

WhiteHub is the 1st Crowdsourced Security platform in Vietnam. Our mission is to help businesses secure their applications & systems by connecting them with researchers all over the world.

WhiteHub’s bug bounty platform provides robust and yet simple tools for CEO/CTO/CISO to create & control their bug bounty programs.

We care about researchers as well. WhiteHub is on its way to close the gap between bounty rewards in Vietnam and the world average.