Detecting critical vulnerabilities in e-commerce websites

E-commerce systems can have security vulnerabilities and be silently exploited by hackers without business owners knowing.


With financial and data dynamics, e-commerce systems are prime targets for hacker groups with the aim of information theft, extortion, fraud or sabotage. The majority of attacks occur due to vulnerabilities that exist in applications and IT systems: vulnerabilities in programming, system misconfiguration or errors arising during operation....To reduce security risks, businesses should detect and fix vulnerabilities before they are exploited by hackers. In other words, businesses must race against groups of hackers to find security holes. However, this might be a challenging task for every business, because just one critical vulnerability is dangerous enough for hackers to attack and it's the security team’s job to detect all of those vulnerabilities.

Many startups have deployed protection solutions and have a team of experts in security, but cyber risks evolve constantly.


Crowdsourced Security is the most effective solution today and is deployed by the largest e-commerce systems in the world (Alibaba, Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Rakuten…). This is a form of community connection of hundreds of experts, researchers, white hat hackers to find vulnerabilities in businesses' products before being exploited by blackhat hackers, through a Bug bounty program, businesses will pay a fair reward to the person who discovers security bugs.

WhiteHub is the first Crowdsourced Security platform in Vietnam, helping businesses deploy the Bug bounty program to a community of more than 3000+ security experts.

"With technology products, just one vulnerability is dangerous enough for hackers to attack businesses. To solve security problems, businesses need a force strong enough to outrun hackers and Crowdsourced Security is the answer," said CyStack CEO.


On average, 5 dangerous vulnerabilities are discovered after the first 2 weeks of deployment.

The cost is calculated on the result of vulnerabilities, helping businesses optimize investment efficiency and not have to pay excess costs.

Detect potential vulnerabilities that are not detected by automated tools or normal security services

Featured Case Study


After 2 months of using WhiteHub, over 50 critical vulnerabilities have been discovered on VNTRIP’s system, saving the company from potential serious breaches.

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