Fintech Security Solution

Crowdsourced Security is the missing piece of financial technology institutions for early detection of security vulnerabilities


The development of technology leads to the appearance of many new forms of attacks and malicious code. Security solutions and services face many difficulties in early detection and prevention of network attacks. Many financial companies and banks in the world are still attacked by hackers despite having deployed expensive security systems and technologies.


Crowdsourced Security is the solution chosen by many financial institutions (HSBC, PayPal, Stripe, Alipay, Bank of America ...) to minimize security risks due to its effectiveness. Through the Crowdsourced Security platform, hundreds of experts, researchers, and white hat hackers with diverse skills will join together to find vulnerabilities in enterprise products before being exploited by bad guys.

WhiteHub is the first Crowdsourced Security platform in Vietnam, helping businesses deploy the Bug bounty program to a community of more than 3000+ security experts.

"With technology products, just one vulnerability is dangerous enough for hackers to attack businesses. To solve security problems, businesses need a force strong enough to outrun hackers and Crowdsourced Security is the answer," said CyStack CEO.


7x more effective than traditional security services. On average 5 dangerous vulnerabilities will be discovered after 2 weeks.

The cost is calculated on the result of valid vulnerabilities found, helping businesses optimize investment efficiency and not have to pay excess costs.

Detect potential vulnerabilities that are not detected by automated tools or traditional security services.

Featured Case Study


After 2 months of using WhiteHub, over 50 critical vulnerabilities have been discovered on VNTRIP’s system, saving the company from potential serious breaches.

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