The Next generation of Penetration testing

A better pentesting solution for enterprises with the participation of over 500 security experts from the WhiteHub community


With the same investment budget, WhiteHub discovers 7 times more critical vulnerabilities compared to traditional pentesting services.

ROI optimization

Enterprises only need to pay for the vulnerabilities that affect the systems and products directly instead of hiring security experts by the hour.


Hundreds of security experts with different perspectives participate in the pentesting process, ensuring a total coverage of all issues within the enterprise’s products.

WhiteHub Pentest VS Traditional pentesting services

Criteria Traditional pentesting services WhiteHub Pentest
Human resources Expertise Pentesters Pentesters, White-hat hackers, security researchers and experts with different skillsets
Number of participants
Number of participants 1 – 5 Up to hundreds of experts, depending on the need, budget and scope of the business
Skills Incomplete skillset Complete pentesting skillset
Participant selection
Participant selection Not available Participants are selected by CyStack basing on their skills and experience on WhiteHub.
Implementation Time Office hours Starts immediately and operates 24/7
Method Based on predetermined standards and checklists Combining standards and checklists with individual researchers’ creativity and experience
Coverage Limited Diverse perspectives of hundreds of researchers allow for total coverage of all vulnerable points in the product
Developer-Pentester communication
Developer-Pentester communication Once every 2 - 3 weeks depending on the service provider Continuous communication available through WhiteHub
Results Reporting Reports provided periodically (monthly, quarterly, annually) Reports (summarized or detailed) are continuously updated and easily exported at any time
Quality of results
Quality of results Low severity
Focus on completing checklists (OWASP for instance) instead of practical issues; cannot replicate how a real life cyberattack work
Critical severity
Focus on critical vulnerabilities that directly affect customers’ systems and simulate the vulnerability exploitation process
Vulnerability rating
Vulnerability rating Subjective, determined by the service provider Compliant with VRT and CVSS Rating; customer rating also considered
Fixing Subjective, determined by the service provider Compliant with VRT and CVSS Rating; customer rating also considered
Support Fixing Basic support Comprehensive and quick solutions provided by researchers and CyStack
Re-Testing Can incur additional costs depending on the service provider Free re-testing until the issues are resolved

Featured Case Study


After 2 months of using WhiteHub, over 50 critical vulnerabilities have been discovered on VNTRIP’s system, saving the company from potential serious breaches.

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